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For Parents of 5th Graders!!!  This is from our MAMS Principal, Josh Ottow.  Reserve April 26th at 6:00 for your meeting!   Click the link below to read his important message!  





enVisionmath2.0 is now our K-5 Mathematics Program
After a year  of exploring, piloting, and preparing, we have launched the implementation of enVisionmath2.0 in our elementary schools this fall.   After a number of years with Everyday Mathematics, this new program brings with it:

  • alignment to the Common Core State Standards, including the Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • student-friendly "I Can..." statements with each lesson
  • both print and electronic editions, providing flexibility 
  • a variety of assessment formats 
  • an increase in support resources for parents
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Harpswell Song written by Sandi Ste. George, arranged by Pam Morneau 
and sung by Harpswell Community School Students!

Principal:   Kerry Bailey       email: baileyk@link75.org
Secretary: Cheryl Card        email: cardc@link75.org

School Hours
9:10 - 3:30 M,T,TH,F
10:10 - 3:30 W

Find out more about the status of the project.
  Lego/Robotics Club coffee hour for adults 
Every Thursday 8:15 to 9:00 until June 9th 
For the rest of the year,
Every parent, staff, community member is welcome!!
Coffee and fixins via KCUPS and Keurig.
I've noticed it's a nice venue for folks to Chat and enjoy the power of PLAY!
Mr. Horne


The PTO is looking for a parent or two from each class to coordinate a fundraiser this year to raise money for that class's eventual 5th grade trip to Chewonki. If you are interested or you would like more information, please contact the Harpswell PTO.